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    About the Ken Riley foundation


    The Ken Riley Foundation, Inc. (a 501 (c) (3) organization) was created to provide economic support to financially challenged students in their pursuit of advanced education that include college or technical schools. The foundation supports the Eastside Positive Action Committee, Inc., Florida A & M Foundation, Gause Academy of Leadership, Ridge & Travis Technical Colleges, The Union Academy Alumni Association, Inc., as well as other 501 (c) (3) entities that directly improve the economic stability of children through education. A future where the possibilities and dreams are the same for all central Florida youth.


    The Eastside Positive Action Committee, Inc.’s (EPAC)

    The Eastside Positive Action Committee mission is to assist and aid the City of Bartow in providing a better quality of life for its citizens. In our efforts to be a part of the city and the community, an Annual Youth/Parent Summit evolved. EPAC, Inc.’s goal is to enlighten youth, parent and the entire community on issues that will enlighten everyone as to what it takes to be a productive individual in a challenging, and ever-changing society filled with life uncertainties. End results: Empower others with knowledge through youth and adult programs.


    The Union Academy High School Alumni Association

    The Union Academy High School Alumni Association's mission is to continue the legacy of the former graduates of the historical Black Union Academy High School in Bartow, Florida by producing students who excel academically and athletically. Our goals and objectives are to assist students who are the descendants of Union Academy in their efforts to obtain a postsecondary degree. The degree may be achieved by attending local community college, trade school, technical school, or a public or private institution. Our goal is to help our children face the challenges as they move beyond high school to adulthood, to their chosen career. The Alumni Association's goal is to provide the financial support needed so that our children will obtain a quality education thereby achieving economic stability.